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Writing Scientific Journal Articles 21.5.2019

21.5.2019 at 12-16 o'clock in room Linna K103

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12:07Olli Nuutinendo you hear sound well?

12:08ZhifeiIt is Ok, thanks

12:09Olli NuutinenThank you!

12:10Olli Nuutinenlecture slides are available at by request after the lecture

12:15Riitta Rhello, I am listening wia web but ask, if the slides are possible to get afterwards?

12:18Olli NuutinenHi, yes, you will get the lectures slides (pdf) by sending an email to

12:24Olli Nuutinenif you have any questions from the lecturer, you can write them here, and they will be asked&answered before the first break

12:34Erika LiljaYou already answered that the slides will be available later on which is great but is this lecture also recorded?

12:34Olli NuutinenHi, this lecture is not recorded.

12:35Erika LiljaOk, thank you for the information.

12:37Erika LiljaCould you please ask that should we not aim at the journal where the discussion on the topic is going on?

12:38Olli Nuutinenthank you, I can ask this before the first break

12:39Erika LiljaThank you very much, I appreciate it

12:42Erika LiljaI think it should be very important to notice that the journal rankings are not the same thing as the quality of your research, it is about the quality of the forum

12:55Erika LiljaThe information given on the Jufo classification was not valid: Tasomerkintä 0 ei anna julkaisukanavalle mitään erityistä statusta, vaan se on luokituksen näkökulmasta samanarvoinen kuin Julkaisufoorumiin kuulumaton julkaisukanava. Please see the following webpage - Kysymys: Mikä on luokka 0? :

12:57Olli NuutinenHi, thank you, I let lecturer know this comment before the break

13:01Henna Eskonsipo-BradshawHi, just a comment. When I started my PhD process this year I first thought that I should be targeting the level 3 publication channels. However, I was happy to find out that I was wrong. My supervisors advised me that it is ok for me to target level 1 channels and gave me advice on few interesting and relevant options. I think that it also depends a lot about the content of your article. The data used and analysed in my first article may not be enought for higher level channels, but when my research progresses I might well be able to target higher level channels. I find it very good that I have the flexibility to design my own publication plan. :)

13:04Henna Eskonsipo-BradshawRecently heard from my colleague about predatory conferences as well. An interesting phenomenon!

13:08Erika LiljaI got the same advice as Henna which is great because the journal rankings are JUST journal rankings and they should not be mixed with the actual quality of your research, as I already mentioned earlier. It would be frustrating to try to get your article through to a jufo 3 level journal for many years and not be able to publish on the more suitable level journals.

13:09Henna Eskonsipo-BradshawHi Erika! :) Indeed, it all makse sense!

13:10Erika LiljaHi Henna! :D

13:10Henna Eskonsipo-Bradshaw:D

13:58Erika LiljaI think he already answered that :)

14:01Henna Eskonsipo-BradshawYep :)

14:03Niina HI suppose Pekka will tell us about good cover letter later, but.. I would like to see a good cover letter. Should I present my results shortly? Just writing my first letter :)

14:05Olli Nuutinenthere will be a discussion about the cover letter later in the lecture

14:05Olli Nuutinena break 15 minutes, continue at 14.20

14:22Virve Kallioniemi-ChambersDo you hear now?

14:22VesnaYes, we can hear

14:22Virve Kallioniemi-ChambersGreat!

15:06Virve Kallioniemi-ChambersIf you have any questions in mind, please be free to use this chatting forum. I will show the questions in the end of the lecture to Pekka, and he can respond to them.

15:07VesnaQuestion: How important is it to be a single author in the articles that are part of our doctoral dissertation (or eventually having the supervisor as a co-author)? In my field it's not common to have many authors and it's not common to co-write with other doctoral researchers..

15:09Virve Kallioniemi-ChambersThanks!

15:49ZhifeiCould you show a cover letter as a good example now or later? Thanks.

15:52Virve Kallioniemi-ChambersThank you

15:53Virve Kallioniemi-ChambersAlso, be free to give feedback on the lecture using this chat. The lecturer will get it after the session.

15:54Niina HComment/feedback: Thank you about the lecture. Wish I heard this before writing my first article :)

15:55Erika LiljaAs a feedback for the lecturer, I've found this very valuable and filled with concrete and very practical advice. It was also really encouraging to hear that we are allowed to be brave in a sense and also fail and do not have to aim at novelty genius piece of work from the very beginning. Thank you very much!

15:58VesnaFeedback: Thank you, the lecture is super useful, very good and clear tips. Time to get to work and start writing! :)

15:59ZhifeiIn my manuscript for my second paper, the method section is similar with that in my first article.Can I copy some from previous one and use it in my second manuscript? If possible, how much can I use for the method section in my second paper?Thanks

16:01Erika LiljaOne further question: Would it be possible to form a writing group for commenting or a list of doctoral students who would be interested in commenting others drafts as "the outsiders"?

16:01ZhifeiFeedback: the lecture is perfect with clear thoughts and good guides, that is what I need now. Thanks so much.

16:03Virve Kallioniemi-ChambersNow there are some questions from the room...I am not sure if there is now any more time to answer on your recent ones.

16:07Virve Kallioniemi-ChambersThank you for your participation!

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