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Writing Scientific Journal Article

Lecturer: Dr Pekka Belt

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12:12Elli-MariMore testing.

12:20Olli Nuutinenyou can have a copy of the lecture slides by sending an email to

12:20Olli Nuutinenthe slides will be delivered after the lecture

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12:40Omaryou're welcome ;)

13:21HelenaQuestion: When writing a doctoral dissertation ( monograph) in Finnish language, what are your recommendations for publishing ( when. what, why)?

13:22Eetu VentoQuestion: In general, which one is better strategy: small amount of high quality publications or a large number of lower quality publications?

13:54Elli-MariQuestion: Is this true in all scientific fields, that journal articles are the most appreciated as theoretical sources? At least to me it feels very unfamiliar. Listening to other researchers on my field (literature), I usually hear they are working on articles to different books rather than journals.

13:58Elli-MariAnother question: Is there any good tips how to avoid self-citation? I mean, what is the right way to include your own older results to the article without self-citation and without repeating the whole process of getting to old results?

14:04Olli Nuutinen15 minutes break, continue at 14.20

15:39Olli Nuutinenplease ask some questions, to be presented at the end of the lecture

15:43Virpi WikstedtI have no questions to address at this time but I' like to thank the speeker of this engouraging and inspiring practical lecture given with a voice of so much experience and confidence!

15:46HelenaThank you for the lecture: very useful and insightful ideas regarding publishing issues!

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