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Writing a doctoral dissertation

Pinni B 1096

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08:57Olli NuutinenDo you hear the voice well, does the chat work?

09:00PaulynStill buffering, no sound yet

09:00OsallistujaI hear voice

09:01SuviI hear the voice and see the livestream video

09:03katiVoice ok :)

09:03Olli NuutinenGood, you can have the lecture slides by email after the lecture

09:12SuviPlease, repeat the question so we could hear it too

09:14Olli Nuutinenthe question was about a possible hybrid dissertation. It's not typical format, so this lecture does not discuss about it but concentrates on either monograph or compilation dissertation formats.

09:52PaulynI lost my connection :(

09:55Olli NuutinenAnyone else having troubles?

09:57Osallistujaeverything's fine

10:00JuliaWhat is different between the dissertation and article dissertation, only the structure

10:00Paulynsorry please flash again the slide on article dissertation structure, thanks

10:06Olli NuutinenYou can have the lecture slides by email after the lecture

10:08Hannu A good monograph is around 150 pages? Plus sources and so on.

10:16Olli Nuutinenany other typical legths in different fields? You can discuss here

10:18Hannu I have had feeling, that the dissertations have usually been around 300 pages in total. I mean all in all.

10:20PaulynI think 100 pages maximum (read somewhere in the guidelines)

10:22Olli Nuutinena link to university dissertation datatbase:

10:22Hannu A master thesis should be around 60-90 pages?

10:25Olli Nuutinen15 minutes break, continue at 10.40

10:26OsallistujaCould you explain the "funnel principle" again, didn't catch it

10:27Olli NuutinenI think overalla it means writing from wider perspective to narrower

10:30Annatypical length in social sciences is 151-250 pages for dissertations

10:36AnnaAdvertisement: see the library guides for publishing a dissertation at or

11:05AnnaA good idea might be to get an ORCID iD for identification

11:48Olli NuutinenYou can have the lecture slides by email after the lecture

11:48Olli Nuutinenany comments or questions?

11:50AnuThanks for the very interesting lecture! It certainly gave lots of useful information. Thanks again!

12:01Olli Nuutinenthank you for listening!

12:01OsallistujaThank you

12:01EtäosllistujaThank you

12:02Juan Carlos Thank you! Very good! it was very good an concise presentation with good tips

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