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Writing a doctoral dissertation

An open lecture by dr Pekka Belt

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15:29Richard OmoreI`m unable to see vide. Displayed message reads, "No Compatible source was found for this video". What should i do?

21:10Nicholas WanbergThe lecture doesn't start until the 11th at 9:00

08:10helpdeskYou need to have flash-player installed in your browser



09:05Olli Nuutinenthe lecture slides are available from after the lecture

09:06PrakashThanks Olli !

09:10OmarMorning Olli, wondering whether the video recording for the prevopis lecture by Belt, the one about writing articles, is available somewhere?

09:10Olli NuutinenGood morning! Unfortunately in

09:10Olli NuutinenUnfortunately no, only live stream

09:11OmarOh I see; thanks, Olli

09:11Omarbut do you have the slides?

09:13Olli Nuutinenyes, available at by request after the lecture

09:39Omarthanks, Olli

09:48MonicaI downloaded the flastpayer but I still don't see the stream. I tried seeing with my phone and it says no compatible source was found for this video :(

09:48Olli Nuutinenplease try Internet Explorer browser

09:51Monicanow it works. Thanks

09:54OmarPrakash, are you still there?

09:55Olli Nuutinenyes, some question from the audience

09:56OmarComment: this section about theoritical foundation is confusing!

09:57Olli Nuutinenthere was discussion about that

09:57OmarYes I know, but still confusing..

09:58Omarok let's wait till the end, is still then I woudl post a question

09:58Omar*if still confued

09:58Olli Nuutinengood!

10:00OmarPerhaps I can post this now. Question: is this framework more or less standardized, if yes then please provide reference(s), if not then please clarify it's the lecturer's own suggested framework

10:01Olli Nuutinenthis is lecturer's own suggested framework

10:01Omarok thanks

10:19DaraneeCan you referee e.g. For details see article 1?

10:20DaraneeI mean refer in your dissertation book

10:20OmarQuestion: is it so that there might be a significant overlap between sections 1 and 2? how to avoid that?

10:22Omarthanks, Olli

10:26Omarthank you

10:26Omarnow it is clear

10:27Olli Nuutinenthank you, ten minutes break continue at 10.40

10:35DaraneeThank you for the answer. I have a continuous question about the matter. If you should have write your dissertation to be independent from your articles, will you end up writing your article-based dissertation as thick, comprehensive as a monograph dissertation?

10:44DaraneeThank you for the answer.

10:54DaraneeWhere in the dissertation can write about ethical issues?

11:01DaraneeThank you.

11:02PrakashIs it necessary to include bottom line conclusions and innovativeness of the project/work in chapter 4 ?

11:09Prakashshould we be precise in length, number of pages, style provided in instructions by university in an article based thesis?

11:12Alosaimiis it possible to write article-based dissertation based on less than 4 published articls

11:13AlosaimiFor example based on 3 articles only

11:51DaraneeI didn't catch it. Should the page introducing the articles before or after table of content?

11:52Olli NuutinenIn Abbreviations and definitions (before)

11:53DaraneeThank you.

11:59DaraneeCan we get a link to the PowerPoint?

12:02Nicholas WanbergThank you for the lecture!

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